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2024 Preparedness - Week 28: Calendar Week 27

July 8 Week 27


Make foil dinners tonight. The kids will love getting creative and they are so yummy.


It’s time to purchase a fire extinguisher.


Learn to use a fire extinguisher. You may want to take a trip to the fire station for this. They will happily teach you. Take another family and go for ice cream after you finish.


Purchase a fire blanket. These are perfect for putting out a kitchen, laundry or, campfire.


Practice building a fire. There are many ways to structure a fire. Some methods work better in a windy scenario, some in the rain and even some to keep a fire going overnight. Check the Totally Ready blog for directions.


Draw a floor plan of your home. Study the plan as a family and highlight in different colors two escape routes in case of a fire. Consider both daytime and nighttime scenarios. 

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