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2024 Preparedness - Week 3: Calendar Week 2

January 15 - Week Two


Monday: Gather the items you already own and will need to replace the loss of lighting. Do you have enough lighting to light each room in your home? Make a list of lighting sources you have to help you understand where you have gaps. Do you have enough lighting to create an area bright enough to read or play games in?


I like glow sticks because they are inexpensive, don’t need batteries, will provide light all night long without the dangers of a candle, and they can be worn by children to keep them safe as they wander around the house during an outage. I keep glow sticks in every room within easy reach so no matter where I am it is easy to have light quickly.


If you need them, purchase landscape lighting which can be brought in at night and recharged outside during the day.


Add items you need to purchase to your wish list. Remember we are taking it slow so we get it right.


Tuesday: You will need a place to keep track of the articles, notes, and your wish list so it’s time to find a binder and sheet protectors. When the power fails the internet is no longer available as a resource. If you own the Totally Ready Emergency Binder many of the things we will be doing are already included there.


Wednesday: Designate a room or two to gather in during the day and sleep in at night if the power fails. Hereafter this area will be referred to as a “gathering room.” Choose a room without large windows. Create a written plan for how you will close off this room when the power fails. Are there doorways you will need to block off with a curtain? Do you have an open floor plan? You may need to designate another area such as a bedroom to be your gathering room. Place your written plan in your binder.


Thursday: As a family answer the following questions and formulate a plan if you need one. These self-assessment questions and many more are in your Totally Ready Binder- Tips and Tricks For Now and When Disaster Strikes.

1.     Does your family have a meeting Place?

2.     Have you created a phone tree with family and friends?

3.     Do you have an out-of-area contact?

4.     Have you mailed documents and other information to out-of-area contact?


Friday: Place a thermometer in the refrigerator and freezer to know the temperature when the power is restored. Check as soon as power is restored. Throw away any food that has been exposed to temperatures 40 degrees or higher for two hours or more, or that has an unusual odor, color, or texture. When in doubt, throw it out!


Saturday: Fill resealable plastic bags or lidded plastic containers ¾ full of water and place in empty spaces in your freezer to help food remain safe longer during an outage.


Sunday: Rest up for next week’s challenges.

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