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2024 Preparedness - Week 5: Calendar Week 4

January 29nd Week Four



Time to use the items purchased on Saturday.


Make a clothes washer: You will need a five-gallon bucket with a tight-fitting top, a utility knife, and a new bathroom plunger. Using the utility knife, cut a hole in the center of the lid,  about twice the size of the plunger handle.


When you need to use your washer fill 2/3 full of water, place liquid detergent and clothes in the water, place the plunger in the bucket, and place the lid on top with the plunger handle through the hole. Plunge gently to wash clothes.


Empty the bucket, replace the water with clean, and rinse clothing in the same method.



Copy the article Winter Power Outage in the file on the Totally Ready Facebook page and place it in your emergency binder.


Wednesday: Purchase a new quart-size paint can with a lid. (found at home improvement stores) and a couple bottles of isopropyl alcohol, 70%. We will use these next week.


Thursday: Self-Assessment: Questions

1.     Do you have a fire escape ladder for the second story of your home?

2.     Do you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?

3.     Are flammable liquids stored outside the house?

4.     Do you have a fire extinguisher/blanket?


Friday: Get out your list of items that use electricity. Gather the items you will need to replace the use of your stove. If you have a gas stove you may only need matches but if your unit is electric you will really need to prepare much more. (matches, charcoal, propane tank, outdoor griddles) If you have a gas range be sure you have other ways to cook off the grid. Add any items you need to purchase to your wish list.


Saturday: Set aside a time this week to go without electricity. If it is 20 below, even better. Your winter and summer needs will differ, and you will learn much from doing both. Keep track of your experience and use these notes to purchase items you may still need or of changes to make to ensure winter outage is more bearable.

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