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2024 Preparedness - Week 8: Calendar Week 7

February 19th Week 7


Make it Monday:

Egg Carton or Cupcake Liner Fire Starters

When you need to build a fire for warmth or cooking it helps to have fire starters on hand to accomplish the task quickly and without wasting kindling.



Sawdust, nut shells, laundry lint or wood chips.

Candle wax from a craft store, old candles, or crayons.

Cardboard egg cartons or flats or paper cupcake liners and a cupcake pan.

100% cotton wick or a wick salvaged from an old candle (mop heads work well or wicks can be purchased at a craft store.



  • Melt wax or old candles in a double boiler over low heat.

  • Retrieve old wicks.

  • If using cupcake liners line an old cupcake pan with 2 liners in each cup.

  • Place sawdust, lint, or other small flammable materials in an egg carton or cupcake pan.

  • Place the wick in the center of each individual starter. Optional. I would save the wicks for another type of starter.

  • Add just enough wax to hold together flammable materials.

  • After the wax hardens cut the egg carton apart to make individual starters or pop starters out of cupcake pans. 

  • Store in a cool dry place. Store a few in the car in plastic zipped baggies. If they melt and re-harden, they still work.


To Use:  Place one or more starters under kindling and light.  Less kindling will be needed to start your fire and if your kindling is green or wet this will give it time to ignite. This is much safer than a flammable liquid to start a fire and starters are easily stored in Kits.


There are more directions for several fire starters made from things around your home, in your Totally Ready Binder. If you have not purchased the Totally Ready Binder it may be purchased in sections as you can afford to do so.



Remember the wish list you have been adding to? Now is the time to purchase an item from that list. You may want to add to your Five-Day Kit or additional light sources such as glow sticks, or batteries or a battery-operated clock, whatever is on your list.



Add a five-dollar bill and five one-dollar bills to all adult Five-Day kits. We will add more later.


Thursday: Self-assessment

A few more things to think about.

1. Do you have emergency phone numbers posted by each phone? (Police, Fire, Doctors, Dentist, Optometrist, Hospital, Veterinary, Schools, Mom and Dad's cell phone and work numbers, Family member who is close by, Neighbor, Clergy)

2. Do you know the signs and treatment of poisoning?

3. Do you have the number for poison control posted?

4. Do all family members know how to call 911?



Post signs of and treatment for poisoning and the poison control phone number in the kitchen and bathrooms and discuss their use with all family members.



With your family practice calling 911. It’s scary to call 911 when you are dealing with an emergency. Practice will help family members remain calm when the time comes.

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