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Answering Your Questions: Water

There are a few things I have noticed recently:

1. More people are saying they are new to preparing but just have the feeling they should prepare. This is a good thing.

2. There are ads for preparedness supplies on sale everywhere. Be careful you can do it cheaper on your own.

As for number one. If you have anyone in your life feeling the need to prepare, please send them our way. We have spent the last five plus years helping people prepare one week at a time and more than 20 years teaching preparedness and self-reliance. In addition, we interview survivors of disasters constantly to help us and then you, understand the real needs during and after a crisis. Please share our weekly post here or on with your friends and on your Facebook page or email them a note. We are now posting articles and answering questions on that page for those who have left, or never joined Facebook. There is so much bad advice out there in the online world and we want to help everyone we can avoid the pitfalls of following some of that which can waste precious resources.

Speaking of precious resources. We understand most of us cannot afford to run to the store and purchase all the food and non-food supplies we need to be Totally Ready. Following our weekly tips can help organize and provide guidance so money is not wasted. Past years which covered kits and more, in addition to the food and non-food items we are concentrating on this year, are all available for sale at Please do not run out and purchase kits and binders when you can make these all for far less than you can purchase one. Again, if you need help purchase the eBooks you need for the area you are concentrating on and make building your kits and binders an adventure. As you prepare you can help those around you as well.

We will be concentrating on building those binders. We understand power outages are occurring more often and a great binder is needed to guide you thru those times. We will also be answering more questions and hope you will share what you have learned to help others. So here goes….

We have a question about water. “I’m afraid we will get tired of water to drink. Is there another drink you would recommend?”

Answer: When storing drinks remember to store those that truly hydrate. You may want to store powders that can be added to water for a different taste. Store juices that are 100% juices, they also have nutritional value as well as being a change from water. Herbal teas are a good option, again to flavor the water you have stored. Other good choices are milk or milk like beverages in aseptic containers (shelf stable), nut beverages, chocolate milk, even lactaid milk. Also store electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade and Pedialyte.

Remember coffee, alcohol and any carbonated drinks dehydrate so they are not a good option. The only exception for sodas is ginger ale with REAL ginger to be used for stomach upset. Naturally, if you want soda for a special occasion go ahead and store some. Comfort foods are essential to a good storage program.

Remember when storing water to store in sturdy plastic containers and never in old milk jugs. These jugs are designed to decompose in landfills and will leak. Yes, bleach bottles are fine but label them, so all family members know not to drink the water. Use for laundry and cleaning and flushing.

Also remember there is no such thing as bad water. If the water becomes contaminated it can still be used to water the garden and flush and if you have a good filter, it can be filtered and consumed or used for cleaning and laundry.

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