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Answering Your Questions: What to Stock Up On

Question: "I have a feeling I need to prepare but what do I stock up on when prices are going up? Is it too late?"

It is never too late!

Let’s face it everything from gasoline and food to vacation rentals and appliances have seen soaring prices. These are all expected to last for at least the rest of the year. I warned months ago of coming inflation and now it is here and here to stay. So, what can we do about it?

Stock up on the things you can so you are able to funnel more cash to items you cannot stockpile. Right now that means food, medications, gifts, items for 5 day kits, and cleaning supplies.

Many items have not yet gone up in price, there is no demand. As we get closer to the holiday season toys, computers, gadgets of every kind, clothing and even wrapping paper will increase in price. The conditions at the ports are not lessening, there is still a shortage of truck drivers, and we are becoming more dependent on gas from foreign sources thus, increasing prices. None of these will be changing in the foreseeable future and all contribute to higher prices. Chip manufacturers are telling us there will be a shortage into 2023 meaning appliance and auto prices as well as computers and phones will continue to go up in price.

So, what should you stock up on now? Work on items for your General Store. Stock up on foods as they go on sale. As a reminder the reason we post items to purchase each week on Monday is so you can take advantage of the foods on sale those days. If nothing on the list is on sale you can wait until Wednesday when the sales change and stock up. Then, when we post again on Monday you again have two weeks’ worth of sales to access to get stocked up.

Take advantage of back-to-school sales the next few weeks. Back packs, colored pencils, binders, notebooks small and large, ink cartridges and so much more will all be on sale at the best prices of the year. No kids in school? What about your kits? Do you have a notebook and pencils/pens to leave notes for family and first responders when evacuating or to keep a journal or take notes when meeting with FEMA? Right now spiral notebooks are 25 cents! How about a good backpack for items for your pet supplies or for an auto kit?

Think gifts. If you see a fabulous close out sale on summer clothes and someone in the family has a spring birthday purchase clothes now. What about putting together an off to college kit for a 2022 high school graduate with school supplies or a shower caddie and laundry bag, all are on sale now? How about patriotic cookie cutters on sale after the fourth of July, to use as stocking stuffers for a child who loves to bake? While you are looking at binders purchase one for an emergency binder or purchase several and join us in making up emergency binders for family this Christmas.

Watch for camping supplies on close out sales. Purchase a lantern or other camping items for gifts for friends and family you are encouraging to be better prepared. Find an article that goes along with the gift and include that as an incentive. If you need help with an article let me know!

Ok, bottom line, think of upcoming events and everyday needs and stock up for those now, before prices go up anymore. You never know when a fridge will need to be replaced but you do know when Johnny has a birthday, that you will get a headache at some point and someone will skin their knee and need a bandage. Prepare for those things by stocking up.

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