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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

As if there isn't enough bad news on the economic front California is at it again! Yes, the legislature just passed a law requiring hog farmers to increase the amount of room per animal by four times. In other words if the range devoted to a hog was 5x5 feet it must now be 20x20 feet. Oh, thats not all. Famers are now required to graze their pigs. This is going to greatly increase the cost of raising animals which will be passed on to you. If you see a bargain on pork grab it. Bacon has already doubled in price! That still isn't all. If farmers in Iowa and Nebraska and other states do not comply with the law their meat will not be allowed into California. If you think you are safe because you don't live in California think again.Farmers throughout the country rely on sales to California, they comply with the law your prices go up, if they don't comply your prices go up to make up for lack of sales to California. Lose, lose situation!

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