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Civil War? Really?

This survey is truly frightening. I would like to know the demographics and political leanings of those who responded. It does make a difference. Even without this information this is frightening and something we really need to prepare for, civil unrest.

The Violence Prevention Research Program and the California Firearm Violence Research Center at UC Davis conducted a survey of 8,600 people nationwide.The survey questions focused on three areas: beliefs regarding democracy and the potential for violence in the United States, beliefs regarding American society and institutions, and support for and willingness to engage in violence, including political violence. Some key findings from those surveyed:

  • 67.2% perceive there is “a serious threat to our democracy.”

  • 50.1% agree that “in the next several years, there will be civil war in the United States.”

  • 42.4% agreed that “having a strong leader for America is more important than having a democracy.”

  • 41.2% agreed that “in America, native-born white people are being replaced by immigrants.”

  • 18.7% agreed strongly or very strongly that violence or force is needed to “protect American democracy” when “elected leaders will not.”

  • 20.5% think that political violence is at least sometimes justifiable “in general.”

Among participants who considered political violence to be at least sometimes justified to achieve a specific objective, 12.2% were willing to commit political violence “to threaten or intimidate a person,” 10.4% “to injure a person,” and 7.1% “to kill a person.”

Please listen to the following for information on civil unrest. There is also information in your Totally Ready Binder. (prepping for blackouts and civil unrest)

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