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Creating a Culture of Self-reliance: Step 15

It’s time to revisit the skills you brainstormed learning. Time to make a plan and set a date. Have each family member decide on a skill they will focus on or choose one or more you will learn together as a family.

Once you have a plan list the supplies needed to accomplish your goal. You may want to learn several ways to cook when the power fails, but you are still saving to purchase a Dutch oven or fire pit. Brainstorm who may have those items and be willing to let you borrow them as you save to purchase your own. The same is true of preserving foods. Canning is expensive at the beginning as you accumulate jars, tools, and canners. Borrow what you need but don’t put off learning the skill. Food prices will go up this year so take advantage of any food you are given by those with gardens and fruit trees or the produce from your own yard.

Now that a date is set, and you have a course of action for borrowing or purchasing supplies, it is time to plan a reward. Decide on an activity or treat the whole family will enjoy as a reward for your commitment to learning a new skill. The journey to self-reliance should be a fun one.

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