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Creating a Culture of Self-Reliance: Step Six

Learn new skills. Now would be a great time to take on some projects as a family. Each week tackle a new skill. Ask members of the family which skills they would like to learn.

Consider the following:

Learn to cook using only foods from your General Store. It really amazes me how few people know how to make a cake or a batch of pancakes from scratch. Teach your family to cook from scratch. Assign your children a day to prepare a meal for the family. Forget prepackaged mixes and learn to make pancakes, cakes and more from scratch.

Learn basic car care. Change a tire, put on snow chains, change the oil, fill the radiator, learn to wash and vacuum the car like a pro.

Learn to sew, during the pandemic we saw how valuable this skill is. Help family members repair worn clothing or replace a button.

Learn to build a fire. Learn to set up a tent. Make laundry detergent and teach your children to do the laundry, including hanging the clothes on a clothesline. All these skills are important in case there is no one available to provide the service or teach the skill when it is desperately needed.

The next time you feel the need to hire someone to perform a job consider learning to do it yourself and teach your children the skill as well. Remember during an emergency there are often power outages. You will not be able to look for help on the internet. Basic skills will not only be valuable during an emergency but will save money now and may even provide extra income as you become expert at the task.

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