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Diesel and Dollar Stores

While gasoline prices are coming down diesel fuel is up 54%. Diesel is being exported to Europe to help fill the void there causing shortages and once again price increases. Inflation can't come down as long as diesel prices go up. Last year at this time the price was $3.27 per gallon and is now $5.05 (national average). By now you understand every time diesel prices go up the price on everything else also goes up.

We all know food is transported by truckers but the fact is everything we have in our homes, everything we eat and drink relies on trucking. Furniture makers need nails, glues, fabric, springs, all transported by truckers. Clothing manufacturing requires thread, buttons, elastic, fabric, all transported by truck.

Purchases at dollar stores has increased dramatically. The average household income for those frequenting these stores is now $80,000. Dollar stores are no longer just for lower income families. Shop now for Christmas stockings and gift baskets at these stores. With increased sales and unreliable supply chains availability may be and is projected by stores themselves to be limited as we get closer to the holiday season.

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