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Dollar Store: Great For Stocking Your General Store

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

About our General Store, it is a place we can turn everyday to meet our needs. General Stores in the past not only had food but also medications, cleaning supplies, tools and just about everything anyone would need to eat, work and play.

Items from dollar stores for your General Store shelves:

Vegetable seeds: Learn to plant a garden even if you don’t have lots of room. There are many things that can be grown in pots. Learn to garden in case you need to grow one at some point in the future, learn now so you will know then.

Plastic trash can bags: The cost in the grocery store was $2.99. These were a name brand.

Lunch snacks: These are also important to have on your General Store shelves in the food storage area. Remember comfort foods are a must. Cookies, Fiddle Faddle, fruit snacks, and fruit cups. These are also a must in a great Five-Day kit, comfort foods.

Clothes pins, $1.00: A rope and clothes pins are not only important for the obvious but also for use for clean up after a disaster or building a shelter. Hanging clothes also saves money.

Hygiene items, $1.00 each: Deodorant, shampoo, shaving cream, 6 combs, or 3 large bars of soap. All these only a dollar each.

Medical needs, $1.00 each: antibacterial cream, cortisone cream, bandages, and 2 pack hand sanitizers. Teething gel is available and a great addition to kits even if you don't have a child; adults get toothaches too and a dentist may not be an option for a day or two.

Baby wipes, $1.00: Great for cleaning up hands after working or eating as well as for use with a baby.

Office supplies: We mentioned pencils already but in addition look for legal pads, envelopes, padded envelopes, sticky notes and poster board. Poster board was only 69 cents. All these are good in your General store for distractions during a power outage, last minute school projects and so much more.

Speaking of food storage: So much here to get excited about. Pickles, mustard, catsup, barbecue sauce, spices, cereal, chips and so much more. There are even some great deals in the refrigerated foods like lunch meat, cheese and eggs. When purchasing brands you are not familiar with purchase one and try it before investing in several. Be aware you may be able to purchase some items cheaper at the grocery store when the item goes on sale.

Cleaning supplies: It is crazy how much you can get for this department of your General Store. I found not only cleaners but also sponges, broom with dustpan, brooms, kitchen gloves, wet mops, and much more. My favorite cleaner is from the Dollar Store...Awesome, yes it's awesome.

Party Supplies: Yes, celebrations are important, especially during a stressful time. Purchase gift bags, greeting cards, paper plates and cups, banners, crepe paper, holiday decorations and sodas and cake mixes. All these will go up in price as the demand increases around the holidays.

Plungers, $1.00: Use for making a bucket washing "machine".

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