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Following a Disaster: What to Expect: Part One

For some reason I cannot access any of my facebook pages today. I have checked with others and they can access their accounts so I'm wondering what's up. Please share the link to this website with your friends and family interested in preparing. We will publish everything here where we have control. There will be more information here than on facebook.

There are a few things you can expect, and plan for, following a disaster. Choose one this week and work on it as a family.

  1. There will be power outages. At the top of the list for preparations should be how you will replace the tasks appliances and other items perform when the electrical grid is down? How will you have access to money? How will you cook for your family? How will you travel if you can’t purchase gas? How will you do laundry?

  2. Panic. There will be those who have failed to prepare and they will be desperate for food, water, shelter, and even someone to blame. We must plan to remain safe by being prepared to shelter in place.

  3. TV will have non-stop coverage of the disaster. Be prepared to entertain children as well as adults and turn off the TV.

  4. Government will not be of much help. It will take at least five days to obtain help from relief agencies beyond opening of shelters. It will take months for help from FEMA.

  5. First responders will not be of much help for several days. First responders will be caring for urgent medical needs, safety issues and the needs of their own family at the beginning.

Review these and ask yourself if you are prepared for each one and if not, formulate a plan and begin preparing today. Some will take a few hours, some a few days or weeks. Check off the ones you feel confident about and let us know where you need help.

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