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Following a Disaster: What to Expect: Part Two

Are you prepared for these?

6. Businesses will be closed and jobs lost. Some will never reopen.

7. Traffic will be horrendous. Those who have not prepared will be looking for help from family and friends in other locations. Do you know several routes to your out of area contact’s home? Prepare for extra time.

8. Cash will be in short supply. How much do you have on hand?

9. Someone needs to be blamed. The blame game will slow down response and distract from the real work that needs to be done. Don’t allow your family to go there.

10. Store shelves will be empty, food, water, prescriptions, medications and medical supplies, TP, paper goods, hygiene supplies and even pet food will all disappear quickly. Because stores receive deliveries more than once a week there is no back room where supplies are stockpiled and available for restocking shelves. It could be several weeks before trucks with new supplies can arrive.

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