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Generator or Not?

There is much to consider before you purchase a generator. Are they worth it? Which type is best?

A whole house generator, (home generator, back up generator or standby generator). When the power fails, the generator automatically supplies power your house. Generator sits outside on standby as a weatherproof unit until the power fails.

Portable generators are smaller, cheaper and portable. They don’t supply as much power, however, many can still be connected to your home’s circuit breaker. They have to be manually hooked up when you needed and can to be noisy. They require fuel to run, gas, propane or batteries, and can only be used outdoors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Deep cell battery backups are also a possibility. They are small and can power just a few appliances, or a large power bank. Battery backups will only last as long as there's a charge in the battery itself, and can only be recharged you also have solar panels.

In short, all generator solutions can bring peace of mind and power for a limited time. All generators will eventually need to be recharged meaning you should also consider alternative ways to meet needs, other than generators, should the outage last more than a day or two.

This next month we will concentrate on preparing for a power outage so please understand generators have their place, but they will not meet needs for an extended outage. You may be surprised how many solutions you already have around your home. Be sure to join us every Monday!

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