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HAM Radio Rescued Us

Yesterday I could not access the internet and I had no way to watch TV, check facebook or anything else. We were completely in the dark, so to speak, when it came to communicating, except our HAM radio. This is a problem in our county and beyond and so far, no one can find the cause. The 911 system is not working. In 2015 this happened in California at least 11 times and the FBI feared it was terrorists testing our capability to repair the problem and get everything back up. Too many think these types of disruptions cannot happen, they can, and worse. I was criticized for writing about a pandemic in October of 2019. After all, medical science has advanced beyond that right? It happened. We learned through our HAM radio net the fiberoptic cables were cut near us and at least three counties experienced outages. This can happen and it will.

We must prepare our families if we are to have any peace when the disasters continue to happen. I encourage you to go copy articles we have posted here and any relevant blog posts to build a binder for situations like the one I experienced yesterday. Be careful about the information you place in a binder. There is some terrible information on the internet. If you have doubts about anything you see please ask us about it.

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