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Hurricane Coming

We are finally and sadly, seeing a hurricane threat to the east coast of the United States. For anyone in the path, it's time to prepare by stockpiling supplies and preparing for a power outage. Remember outages can happen far from the eye of a hurricane.

Saturday would be a great time to prepare. If you have friends or family who are new to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, or the Carolinas share what you know about getting ready.

•Find out which radio and TV stations are part of the emergency broadcast system for your local area. Also find out which stations will handle emergency broadcasts for school emergencies.

•Make sure your battery-operated clock is working and get batteries if not.

•Stock the freezer. Place resealable plastic bags or plastic containers filled with water in every empty space in your freezer. Foods stay frozen and will be safe longer in a full freezer and the ice will be safe water to drink and cook with after it melts.

•Fill gas cans so you can run a generator.

•Fill the propane tanks if you are going to use a camp stove or barbecue as an alternative way to cook.

•Get cash. If the power is out the ATM and credit cards won't work. Remember all cash should be in small denominations. Nothing over a $20.00 bill. All of mine are $10.00 or smaller. I don't want to overpay because someone doesn't have change.

•Check your Five-Day kits so they are ready to go with prescriptions, medications, reading glasses, food, water, clothing that fits, hygiene essentials etc. If you need to go to a cooling shelter, you’ll be ready. (Don’t forget your masks at this time!)

•Stock up on non-food items, batteries, prescriptions, over the counter medications, paper plates and cups, etc.

•Fuel up the cars. Prepare now not just to be prepared to evacuate, but for shortages when or if others evacuate to your area.

•Stock up. You should have a three-month supply of food on hand but there are still a few things you may want to get now, bread, fresh fruit, and of course water and batteries. Eggs will keep without power a few days, milk will not. You may want to get a few boxes of shelf stable milk, chocolate milk, or almond drink, which are shelf stable and perfect for use during an outage. For toddlers and infants get cans of evaporated milk, they need the fats.

•Post evacuation checklist and make assignments. You can find the list in your Totally Ready Binder or find on the Totally Ready website. Check out the articles page as well.

Prepare now before shelves and ATMs are empty and prices go up.

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