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I Almost Threw Away the Sandpaper ~~ School Safety Update

UPDATE: I just did an interview discussing school safety. You can listen here: My part begins at minute 33.

As I was unpacking boxes in a very hot garage I came across the few boxes of canning jars I moved with us. There was one box that was not a canning jar box so the bottles were all individually wrapped. I set them on a shelf and kept working and then it happened I found a scrap of sand paper. I looked at the canning jar and the sand paper and then it clicked. I have boxes of matches stored but the strike strip always wears out before the matches are gone. I added matches to the jar, placed the sandpaper face up on a canning jar, and screwed on the ring. Now I will make a few more so I can light matches safely when I barbecue while keeping them safe, dry and available. A few more will be added to our car and other kits.

I'm saving my scraps of sandpaper now to use in my kit to sharpen scissors, pocket knives and even sewing needles or the end of a safety pin to use for fishing or to slip more easily thru fabric I am trying to repair such as a sleeping bag or backpack.

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