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I'm Sorry and a Warning

I wish my food storage looked like this! I loved to can and stand back and admire all that work. I loved that I knew exactly what was in my food. Unfortunately, I now live where access to fresh produce is limited. I will keep looking for possible answers.

Now for the apology. I have told you for years that I shopped mostly sale items because I could wait for sales having a great General Store in my home. Then I move and leave much of my food behind with friends. I go to the grocery store here and I am astonished at the prices. I wait for a sale on canned goods and it never happens. I check with long time residents and they tell me canned goods never go on sale. I can't believe it. I have been telling you to buy when things go on sale but in some places I guess they never do. Yikes!

Revelation number two. I checked the grocery ads in my former hometown and they are just as high there now as they are here, although they do still have sales on canned goods. I have written about prices going up but I had not realized just how much and how quickly in the two months I have been "out of the loop". With moving I was not researching as much.

Inflation really has soared and grocers are now forced to really raise prices to stay profitable. It may have been cheaper for me to move all that food. Today a new inflation report came out, over 9%! To add to the concern a new law takes affect in California affecting independent truckers who will be forced out of business or forced to pay high penalties. What this means is fewer trucks to transport goods from the ports creating even more price increases. Excuse my political comment here but please never vote for Gavin Newsom ! He is exploring running for president so please remember what he has done to your budget, no matter where you live it has been impacted due to ridiculous California laws.

I'm sorry I haven't realized the extent of the food price inflation. I'm sorry I have told you to wait for sales that your area may not have, but for those who do have them, wait for them.

However, it has become very clear to me that all those years of having well stocked shelves and shopping sales really has saved me a lot of money.

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I completely understand! I recently moved and gave away about half of my food storage. I think we are still fine, but these prices really are getting hard. Plus we moved from a state with no sales tax to a state that even has a 9% sales tax on food. Add that to the 9% inflating....ugggh!


Debra McCracken
Debra McCracken
13 лип. 2022 р.

So far we still have sales on canned goods here in Las Vegas! But, a scary trend I have now been forewarned about! TY

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