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It's Even Worse in Europe

Did you know the inflation rate in Europe is as bad as it is here? The gas prices are even higher than ours and today I saw $4.95 for diesel and $5.05 for supreme! In England they are short thousands of truck drivers due to low pay. The shortage of drivers is also due to old EU laws greatly limiting the hours a driver can drive making it almost impossible to support a family. England is also facing a severe natural gas shortage and the wind power they have embraced is supplying only 2% of what would be normal and needed do to a windless September and less winds this summer. They are anticipating power outages this winter. Can you imagine wet, cold English winters with no light and no heat? If you have friends in the UK and Europe please share with them what you are doing to fight inflation and prepare for limits on food and possible power outages. We would love to hear from them and help them as we are working hard together to be prepared for whatever comes.

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