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Kid Friendly Christmas Ornaments

Here are a few simple kid friendly ornaments:

  1. Two pieces of felt cut in the shape of the state you are from and the state the ornament is being sent to. Glue together with a ribbon in between the felt. Glue other end of ribbon to the felt from the other state. Decorate

  2. Paint a wooden disc. allow to dry a few minutes and glue on bows, wooden shapes or jewels.

  3. Make a nativity of two clothes pins glued together, wrap a bead with a fabric to represent swaddling and glue to clothes pins. Add a piece of twine to hang. Glue a star on twine.

  4. Another take on number 2.

  5. Glue scrabble blocks to a piece of wired ribbon. Fold over the top making a casing, glue or sew. Slip a ribbon or twine thru the casing for a hanger.

Ok crafters what are your ideas!

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