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Meat and Wheat Oh My

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Whether it's hamburgers and hot dogs, aram or sub sandwiches, pizza or barbecue the price is going up. Oh how I hate to keep harping on rising food prices but I feel if I don't warn you of what I know I am doing you a huge disservice. I know many of you are prepared but let's face it most, including me could be doing better.

Beef prices are once again rising as farmers in the midwest are forced to sell off their

cattle due to a lack of grain to feet animals. This means there will be beef on the market now but as the season goes forward and the holidays approach prices will go higher as supplies will shrink.

Beef is no the only culprit. Wheat crops have been decimated as farms have experienced high winds and drought destroying yield and availability. Those Hamburgers and pizza we mentioned before rely on bot beef and wheat. All our favorite will cost more. Pork has already gone up altho I am still seeing sale prices on some cuts. If you want meat in your storage get it now.

Also be aware wheat products in addition to bread will be going up, pasta, crackers, cookies, pies, cake mixes, everything requiring flour from wheat.

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