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Monday Update!

If you missed it we are so excited to welcome the Marshall Islands to our family of crafters! We have also added Virginia and New York! That brings us to 22 states!

  1. Right now we have committed to serve 600 families in Kentucky, 600 families in Alabama and 1,000 families in Florida. As we reach our goals from each state we will let you know so you can send your creations to one of our other locations. For example: we will be serving 600 families in Kentucky and we have already received 600 ornaments from UTAH. Great job UTAH! Since we have met our goal we ask all UTAH crafter to send their ornaments to Alabama and Florida. Each week we will let you know any goals that have been met in each location.

  2. Because we have new people joining us each week and some are less Facebook savvy we will add the link to the information page on all UPDATE posts. Please run off a copy and share it with friends and organizations interested in helping. This info can be found by clicking on the Files tab.

  3. Thank you to all who have gotten Operation Christmas Ornaments listed on Just Serve. If any of you know of other places that post service opportunities please let us know where you are posting.

  4. Finally a reminder of the addresses to send ornaments.

Operation Christmas Ornaments

Attn: Laura

22 Stoney Brook Drive. Winchester, KY 40391

Operation Christmas Ornaments

Attn: Imogene

1489 Whooping Drive, Groveland, FL 34736

Operation Christmas Ornaments

Attn: Beth

1510 Tullahoma Drive, Prattville, AL 36066

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