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More Great Ornaments

Aren't these amazing? These are being created in South Carolina.

Ellen says: "Our group is made up of my sister-in-law, her neighbor, my friend, and a neighbor who came to the group from a notice I put on Nextdoor Neighbor last year. My brother and husband have also contributed time and energy. One nice side effect of working together on ornaments is that my sister-in-law and I have become even closer"

What great comments and ideas here. 1. You don't need a huge group. 2. Working together is good for those creating as well as those receiving 3. You never know when you share on all your groups and pages who will be happy to help and even need a cause and a project that helps others.

Please let us know how you are sharing and if you are new let us know where you live. We still need 15 states to cover the country.

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