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Much Bigger Need in 2023

This past weekend our church had a world wide conference which we hold twice a year in April and October. As I listened to amazing talks about living as Christ lived and serving and loving all of Heavenly Father's children I thought about all of you and your love and support of those who lost so much, not only possessions but in some cases hope and faith in others. I wanted to share once more some of the many notes we received from those we served in 2022.

Some of the remarks that touched me most:

"I'm not a crier buy I'm crying"

"We lost all our ornaments in the Marshall fire. Thank you for helping replace them with these wonderful homemade creations"

"After losing all my ornaments that have been in my family for years it is with gratitude that I accept these beautiful ornaments"

" These handmade ornaments will reminds us of our children's handmade ornaments and the love and kindness of people"

"May God bless you and keep you in His light"

"Thank you for making this first Christmas a little more bearable"

One of the women I met in Colorado told me "I know now that God is remembering me"

With so many disasters in the past month we would love to expand and serve many more survivors. To do that we need two things:

1. Someone living close by to coordinate with local agencies to find survivors. And....

2. Money...the age old problem. Our coordinators have been spending their own funds for transportation, hotels, packaging and more. Laura has been helping with and paying for creation and shipping and all the rest for three years and we need to make sure this does not become a burden for our coordinators.

We have a second opportunity to get your donations matched so beginning right now your $5 donations or larger donations, will be matched up to $800! Visit our GoFundMe page and thank you in advance for your support.

Keep creating. Your efforts are really appreciated!

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