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Number Ten Cans to the Rescue

I've been saving number ten cans for years. I have used them to make stoves, to store small items in the workbench, to fill with water to freeze for keeping a freezer colder or I use the blocks of ice to place in a tub to keep drinks cold longer than ice cubes will.

Then I remembered, disposable aluminum pans can prevent furniture from being damaged in minor flooding. Putting the legs of sofas, dressers, tables or chairs in the pans will protect them from water, until the water level rises above the pan. For longer legs you may use a taller vessel such pots or even canning jars protecting from even deeper water. BUT number ten cans will protect even longer. Now, if threatened with flooding I will use number ten cans to protect my furniture. These cans are also strong enough to turn upside down to support and raise an entire piece of furniture.

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