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Only Two Red States!

This week South Dakota and Florida go green. So close.... 7 grey states (no contacts) and two red (ornaments promised none received).

ALERT: For those in Tennessee. Laura in Kentucky received a huge box of ornaments from TN this week. Our new chart will be published tomorrow and it will be obvious where ornaments are needed but just in case you are headed to ship your box(s) today we are asking all of you in TN to please send all ornaments to Florida and Alabama.

For those new please read thru the tips file:

This will help you understand packaging, notes to attach, notes to our coordinators with numbers, shipping and even a brief history of who we are.

Thanks again to all who have sent gallon size zipped bags to our coordinators. It is a huge help. Thank you as well to all who have included a few dollar in your boxes or contributed to our Go Fund Me fundraiser. Please remember all donations are now tax deductible.


Ornaments are due to our coordinators in Kentucky, Alabama and Florida by Halloween. Ornaments received after that date will be saved for next year or used for families we find last minute.

Operation Ornaments

Attn: Beth 1510 Tullahoma Drive, Prattville, AL 36066

Operation Ornaments

Attn: Laura 22 Stoney Brook Drive, Winchester, KY 40391

Operation Ornaments

Attn: Imogene 1489 Whooping Drive, Groveland, FL 34736

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