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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Many of you are new since our distribution last year so we wanted to inform or remind you of the packaging guidelines.

Survivors are always very grateful for each ornament, but they are most excited when they see all the places ornaments were created and who created them. Packaging is important. Please follow the guidelines below when packaging.

1.Package each ornament in a see thru bag, either cellophane, plastic or organza. All of the packaging in the photo works well. The bags with the snowflakes are from the Dollar Store, the clear bags can be ordered online from Amazon and others.

2. Include a way to hang the ornament if your ornament does not have one..

3. Add a note which includes a message. Message may be a message of hope or encouragement. It may be a poem or scripture verse. Whatever message you feel will help them feel your love and concern for them. When adding an organization please write it out. For example few people know what YW (young women) or YSA (young single adults) means.

4. Also on the note include the city and state or country in which the ornament was made. Our goal is for survivors to receive ornaments from 12 different states.

Last year we had ornaments arrive that were not packaged in this way and our coordinators spent hours packaging. This takes away from the time they can work with survivors and organizations serving them. When you get 20,000 ornaments that's a lot of work! This year our goal is 27,000 ornaments to serve 2200 families. 5. ALSO, Please include a note at the top of each box with the number of ornaments in the box.

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