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Pallets and Oatmeal: What They Have in Common

These are the grocery store shelves where you can usually pick up your favorite oatmeal and snack bars made with oatmeal. Not yesterday! The shelves, as you can see, where empty except for a few boxes. You were warned! Did you get your oatmeal stored? By the way, the cracker aisle was almost as bad.

Today the latest crazy inflation news was all about pallets. Hopefully you understand most of the food and smaller items we purchase arrive at the stores on pallets. We have become accustomed to pallets being given away for free after they are used. Not likely now. Pallet prices are up from $12 this time last year to $21 this year. The average company purchasing pallets buys 520 per day seven days a week. Their cost for pallets has gone from $37,000 to $65,000 per week, with the volume discount. That is a 43% increase and guess who will pay for and me. Another reason to consider preparedness items, food storage, things for kits and of course a Totally Ready ebook as gifts this year.

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Shirley Smith
Shirley Smith
Mar 23, 2022

My fear in storing items that require freezing is that the power will fail and I will loose the items in my freezer!

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