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Shopping Wisely

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

This weekend I spent a couple hours, yes hours, recording the price of items I normally purchase at the two grocery stores in town. Now that many stores deliver the prices of items are all online. I recorded the prices in the notes app on my phone. I will add more items as I shop and remember more of the groceries I purchase regularly.

Now I have a handy reference when I make the quarterly journey to Costco or Trader Joes and when I am out of town for another reason and spot a discount grocery store. I can also determine when I can save money or break even by having food delivered. If there is a delivery charge, say $7, I can save about $1 by not driving to the nearest store to me. The less expensive store is further away but charges the $7, if I am purchasing groceries that will save me $6 or more over shopping the store closet, I can have food delivered and actually save money while having the luxury of a home delivery.

My handy reference is also perfect to evaluate sales. Is the sale price less expensive than the regular price across town?

Try it. Spend some time recording the non-sale price of items now so you will be prepared to recognize deals as they come along.

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