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Stay Warm During the Storm - Paint Can Heater/Stove

Paint can heaters are easy to make and inexpensive, while providing a great source of heat for warmth or cooking. Alcohol burns clean with no dangerous fumes. This being said, I would still never use a heater of this type in a confined space without ventilation, such as a closed car. I would never use one in a car during an emergency since there is an open flame, and while the alcohol is absorbed and cannot spill, an open flame is always a concern when natural gad could be present.

You will need:

· A new paint can with a lid. Found wherever paint is sold. In an emergency a #10 can will also work.

· 1 roll of inexpensive toilet paper.

· 1 quart bottle rubbing alcohol.

· Metal rack such as a cookie cooling rack or a rack from your oven(smaller is better).

· Cast iron pot or pan.

· Oven mitts to handle heater/stove or pot. Heat resistant surface

Build your heater

· Remove the cardboard roll from the center of your TP.

· Squash the toilet paper and force it into the paint can.

· Pour entire bottle of alcohol over the paper when ready to use.

Use during a power outage, when camping or stranded during winter.

Using Your Paint Can As A Heater

· Pour alcohol into the heater just before using.

· Place on non-flammable surface.

· When you need heat simply light the alcohol.

· The alcohol will burn but the toilet paper will not.

· When the alcohol is gone cover with the lid, wait for the heater to cool down, and add a new bottle of alcohol. It is now ready to go again.

· If you should need to put out the fire before the alcohol is gone cover with a tight lid.

· To relight pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the top of toilet paper. The stove will not need an entire bottle to reuse unless the stove has gone out on it’s own.

· Keep away from children and pets.

Using Paint Can As A Stove

· Pour alcohol into the heater just before using.

· Place on non-flammable surface.

· Get a grate or a cake cooling rack.

· Place rack on top of the can.

· Place a pot on the rack and you are ready to go.

· Light stove.

Fire will be very hot so all foods will need to be closely watched. Use a cast iron pan or pot for the best results.

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