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Time For Our Weekly Update!

1. WELCOME IDAHO, FLORIDA, MONTANA AND MAINE! These will be the first ornaments we have ever received from Maine and Montana! That is so exciting. We are now at 26 states represented and the Marshall Islands! 2. IF YOU ARE NEW or asking friends, family or an organization to create ornaments please copy the file with our history and instructions at: 3. We have had three students from Utah, Texas and Maine reach out to create ornaments to meet service hour requirement for school and National Honor Society. We are very grateful and thrilled they chose to help us serve disaster survivors. This would be a great way for students to earn those hours so please reach out to your local school to see if a service organization exists at the school. We are happy to send a note confirming their hours and donations. 4. It’s never too early to organize a Christmas in July or to organize a Christmas craft for a family reunion. Just sayin....

Where to send ornaments: UTAH please send ornaments to Alabama and Florida. We have met our quota in Kentucky. Remember to search online for price comparisons when shipping. Tips for shipping are also in the file above. Operation Christmas Ornaments Attn: Beth 1510 Tullahoma Drive, Prattville, AL 36066 Operation Christmas Ornaments Attn: Laura 22 Stoney Brook Drive. Winchester, KY 40391 Operation Christmas Ornaments Attn: Imogene 1489 Whooping Drive, Groveland, FL 347

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