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Time to Get in The Christmas Spirit and Help Others

Times are tough for all of us. We face high inflation, food shortages, interest rate increases product shortages, threat of blackouts due to a crumbling grid, gas prices the highest ever, rioting in the streets and the breakdown of the legal system, police and civil servant threatened, job losses, threat of recession, it's unbelievable. Add to that the loss of your home and can you imagine the desperation and grief? As I interview survivors of disasters they almost always tell me of their grief at the loss of their Christmas ornaments.

Two years ago I began organizing volunteers to make ornaments to share with those who have lost homes. Last year we served 500 families by donating a dozen ornaments to each family. We had people from 19 states donate homemade creations. Those who received ornaments were amazed and humbled by the love they felt knowing people from all over were remembering them at Christmas. Please help make Christmas a little more happy for the 1,000 families we hope to serve this year. We will need 10,000 ornaments and hope to get some from every state.

Organize your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, church group, 4H club and all your contacts to celebrate Christmas in July and create handmade ornaments. Please comment on what you are doing and share stories and photos. We can do this together!

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