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Tornado Prayers and Safety

With the exception of a wildfire there is nothing as destructive and as frightening as a tornado. Our prayers are with all those suffering from loss due to the record breaking tornado outbreak this week. This is not a record we wanted to break. This has refocused the attention on the importance of a safe room. If you live in an area prone to tornado activity please consider building a safe room. A safe room is traditionally made from reenforced concrete. Because this can be very expensive we have created a plan to build the next best thing, a safe haven. A safe haven is not a 100% guarantee of safety but it will greatly increase the likelihood of survival. We have conferred with construction experts but nothing is 100%.

Plans can be purchased in Getting Started (Build your own binder)

OR In the complete Totally Ready Binder

If you know someone living in tornado country, or anywhere else, consider giving the gift of preparedness with the purchase of a Totally Ready ebook this holiday season.

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