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Tuesday Status Report

Tuesday Again and a new chart. Before sending ornaments please check the chart. If all three areas we are serving are below 500 please divide the ornaments and send to all locations. If this is not possible please send to where they are most needed. If all areas have over 500 from your state send to any one of the locations.

We have never asked for money but one of our goals for 2023 is to become a non-profit so we can attract and accept donations from individuals and businesses. It is expensive to package ornaments, travel to distributions locations, pay for hotels and ship ornaments. This year we distributed 1,600 sets of ornaments. Each set required the purchase of large resealable bags, plus boxes to deliver them and notes of encouragement we include in each set. Those are the small expenses. Add the price of shipping, fuel to deliver the ornaments hundreds of miles away, and other travel expenses for meals and hotels and the coordinators are spending a lot of money.

We want to be able to accept tax deductible donations to help with these expenses but now we need to pay for the government fees and experts to help us achieve our goal. If you can help with these expenses, please contribute on our Go Fund Me page.

You can also help by packaging each ornament individually, sending gallon size bags to our coordinators with your ornaments, sending gallon size bags from Amazon to coordinators, or contributing to our GoFundMe.

You have all been amazing and thanks to you many families will have a much happier Christmas and feel they are loved.

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