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Wall Hung Rotating Can Organizer

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

I have had a few requests for instructions for creating a wall hung can organizer. This is one that can be hung behind clothes in your closet or on a wall in a pantry that does not have shelving, or in a mud room or laundry room. The possibilities are endless and they don't take up valuable space. These are also great form storing and rotating food when you want to store only a few. For example, I love tomato basil soup but I don't need to store more than 8 for a three month, or even a one year supply.

Here are the plans used for mine. If you place a scrap of low pile carpet or a piece of a yoga or camp mat at the bottom it will cushion the cans as they fall. Please share your finished shelf and let us see where you hung it.

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