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We've Gone International!

This has been an exciting week! Washington and Missouri go red! AND We got ornaments from Japan! We’ve gone international! 26 STATES and Japan. You are all amazing. If you have been working with a group, please, please thank them for us. We could never have achieved this without all of you. Every ornament counts. We are so very close to the numbers needed to serve 500 families in both locations. We have a little over 5,000 ornaments in both Kentucky and we need 6,000 in Colorado and as many as we can get in Kentucky over 6,000.

As a reminder we have been asked to serve not only the two counties in Kentucky decimated by the tornado but also the two counties in Tennessee that suffered the same fate.

Please keep sending your amazing creations to both places and I will keep you informed of where our needs are.

For now we have the following requests. When we have less than 500 from a state in one location and over 500 in the other location from that state we want to balance out our count.

If you live in the following states please make this adjustment:

Kentucky please send all your ornaments to Colorado

Utah please send all your ornaments to Colorado

California please send all your ornaments to Kentucky

Tennessee please send all your ornaments to Kentucky

All other states please continue to send half to each location.

A reminder, the green states are ones where we have people who have committed to create but we have not received any ornaments. The grey states are ones where we have no one committed to creating.

FOR MAILING… please compare costs online or use the service, or other service. It saves lots of money!

Following the steps below really helps us.

1. Please package all ornaments individually in cellophane or plastic baggie.

2. Include a note with every ornament. Notes should include the city and state where they were crafted and a short message. It can be as simple as Merry Christmas. if you are creating with a group, you may include the name of the group as well.

3. Please divide your ornaments and mail half to Colorado and half to Kentucky.

4. If you cannot afford to send to more than one location, please PM or ask on the Facebook page where they are needed most.

5. We are only accepting ornaments. Other Christmas crafts and decorations are too large to distribute.

6. All ornaments need to be hand made. Our goal is to help survivors understand there are many willing to spend time making a gift just for them. It is important for them to know they have not been forgotten.

7. Please be sure your ornaments do not move around in the box. As you gently rock the box back and forth if you can feel ornaments moving, please add bubble wrap or air-filled pillows to cushion them.

8. Thanks for including a note with the total number of ornaments in your box. This really helps our coordinators when they begin assembling the gift bags.

Operation Christmas Ornaments

Attn: Laura

22 Stoney Brook Drive

Winchester, KY 40391


Operation Christmas Ornaments

Attn: Carol

11310 Fenton St.

Westminster, CO 80020

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