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Wednesday's Weekly Food Challenge

Week 18: Food

This week add flavored and unflavored gelatin to your store shelves. Gelatin is great when dealing with a medical emergency. Gelatin is the first thing they feed you when you are in the hospital. It has a small amount of protein that is great when you are trying to build up someone who has been ill.

Gelatin can also be served warm as a drink. Flavored gelatin makes a great dessert and even finger food as jigglers. As we have learned the past year desserts are important.

Unflavored gelatin is wonderful for thickening in recipes and a must to make homemade marshmallows, another great treat. Imagine how popular you will be if you can make s’mores or have marshmallows in your hot cocoa when you can’t run to the store to buy those comfort foods. As we know marshmallows do not store well.

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