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Wednesday's Weekly Food Storage Challenge

Food - Week 32: Mustard and Salad Dressing

This week store mustard and salad dressing. Mustard will store forever, but salad dressings have expirations that are pretty close to the date the items will really begin to spoil. If storing a mayo based salad dressing do not purchase more than you will realistically use in a year. If you are storing vinegar based dressing they will last longer. Consider how you use dressings with the holiday season in mind.

For example, do you use Italian dressing to make a crock pot chicken or in your famous pasta salad?

I no longer store ranch dressing. I store ranch dressing mix and mayonnaise as I find the mayo lasts much longer without all the extras added.

As always if you use very little mustard and salad dressing put aside money for purchases in future weeks. The holidays are coming and money always gets tight at that time of the year.

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