What Are We Preparing For?

This week someone on another Facebook page asked what we should be preparing for. As I thought about it I think we too often are trapped by thinking about all the scenarios that could happen in our area and we get stuck. Think self-reliance not emergency preparation. Yes, there are specifics we need to consider such as what to do during a disaster, a hurricane (evacuate) or earthquake (drop and cover), but following a disaster needs are fairly similar.

This week we had an earthquake where I live. I have been telling people for years that they needed to prepare but most said nothing could happen here. I so want to say “I told you so”. If a disaster has ever happened in your area, even 200 years ago, it can happen again. Home fires, job loss, pandemics(🙁), medical emergencies, inflation, civil unrest, can happen to all of us. Ask yourself, if you had a loss of income or an extended power outage or empty shelves in the grocery store could you survive? Most emergencies will include one or more of those things. Once you have prepared for those basic challenges you can be more specific with other preparations.

As an example: If you are prepared for a power outage you will have what you need to cook, wash and dry clothing, have cash on hand (no power, no ATM) have ready to eat food, have a plan to heat or cool your home, and a way to provide light at night. All these will be necessary for floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, heatwaves, inflation, and more.

Preparing for just those three things, power outages, empty shelves and loss of income will cover almost all emergencies.

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