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What Are We Preparing For?

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

What are we preparing for? May I suggest four challenges we all need to prepare for.

First prepare for power outages. Almost every natural disaster will result in a power outage, even dozens of miles away from the epicenter of the disaster. Earthquakes, blizzards, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, derechos, even civil unrest, solar flares, can all result in loss of power.

Second prepare for loss of income. This may be a result of a job loss due to downsizing, technology replacing your job or a natural disaster that causes your employer to lose their business, or accident or illness. Loss of income may occur for many reasons so plan for it. Remember we are preparing to be self-reliant under all circumstances.

Third prepare for empty store shelves. Shelves may be empty due to panic as we saw with the pandemic, slow down or strike by the trucking industry, interruption in the supply chain from imports, draught and crop failure, damage to the roads and bridges making deliveries impossible.

Fourth prepare for evacuation. Have a plan to leave your home quickly in case of a house fire, natural disaster, civil unrest, chemical spill and more. Know how to evacuate and practice. One person I spoke with following a wildfire told me she had her car packed with important items but had to unload family treasures because she had not allowed for her pets. She lost her home and her treasures.

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