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Our BIG yearlong plan covers a variety of emergency preparedness needs. Our guide (in eBook format) has 6 weekly challenges most weeks to help you build up your supplies over the course of the year.


We cover food, auto, general household, and evacuation preparations. We help you collect information such as birth certificates, insurance papers, and photos creating a complete packet to send to an out-of-town contact in case your originals are destroyed.  You will be prepared in case you ever need to file an insurance claim. Bits and Pieces Plan is truly a collection like no other!




Stephanie (verified buyer)


I just got finished scanning the Bits and Pieces ebook and at first thought it was complicated and too hard. As I read I realized you didn’t have to do everything that was outlined for the week. It gave tips like getting rope and liquid soap for washing clothes if the power is out and I wondered how I would wash them but later it told you to make a homemade washer and all the directions are there! The addendum at the end is actually the longest part of the ebook and it has tons of directions for things to make at home cheap and easy and lots of articles with more information. This is an A+.

Bits & Pieces Yearlong Plan eBook

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