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Looking to get a start or improve your food storage? This yearlong plan in eBook format will help you build a 3 month supply of foods for your family. Foods that your family already love! Our unique program is 100% customizable for your family - whether you crave Italian, Indian, or any other flavor combo - we store by food groups not specific food items, so you choose.


In the old General Store you could purchase everything from an ice cream cone to garden seeds, from fabric to medicines, from nails to eggs. It was truly one-stop shopping. In the quest to be self-reliant, we work to fulfill the mission of the old General Store in our own home.


Imagine being able to throw together a meal for the boss on short notice, or put together a kid's birthday party right after a natural disaster where store shelves have been thoroughly emptied.


Imagine that after a natural disaster your distant relatives or friends show up to be housed, fed and clothed, and you are able to invite them in and provide for their needs.


Imagine a job loss just as a child heads off to college. Wouldn't it be great to be able to "shop" at your own General Store to stock their dorm room with food, hygiene items, and supplies?


By following our plan week by week and replenishing anything you use throughout the year at the end of 52 weeks you will have a 3-month supply of food storage. If you need a 6 month supply - simply double the weekly challenge.




Cathy (verified buyer)

Love this so much I should have gotten the General Store bundle instead of just the food storage! 


Lorilee (verified buyer)

We all think of food storage as important but this was amazing and really made me think of things I would never have considered and quite frankly just take for granted. Some key ideas that I took away are the many uses of coffee filters. I don’t drink coffee so I’ve never considered using them. So great. Also the toilet paper. We all learned the hard way that toilet paper is the first thing to go. A good friend that is an expert in emergency preparedness (Carolyn) told me years ago to be sure to keep a good stock of toilet paper on hand. I should have been better about it but we were ok because of her advice. Excellent ebook with very helpful tips and ideas to prepare my family for what’s to come.

General Store - Food Storage Yearlong Plan eBook

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