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Remember the old days when most towns had a small General Store - that store where you could get just about anything you needed from bolts, to flour, to paper and pens... this guide (in eBook format) helps you create a General Store in your own home.


Wouldn't it be nice if you had a small gift for a friend or the perfect card or aluminum foil when you run out? Imagine always having the supplies your children need for school - even though they usually forget to give you the note from their teacher with the advance notice. Or imagine your spouse or child injurying themselves late at night and you have all the medical supplies needed.


Our guide helps you be more prepared in a series of weekly challenges over the course of a year. This program is for non-food items - if you need the food storage check out our yearlong food storage guide also available online.




Laura (verified buyer)

I like this format. I think that it is easy to follow and gives clear reasons behind each week’s storage items. I like the extra bonuses at the end of the book. (General Store-Other Essentials Year Long Plan)

General Store - Other Essentials Yearlong Plan eBook

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