Carolyn has written some articles which we refer to on our Facebook page fairly often and also during our year long challenges. You can read the articles here - as well as print them for your emergency binders.
Pandemic: Here We Go Again
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Let’s Plan Our Self Quarantine
Food Storage on a Budget
Are You Sabotaging Your Food Storage
Foods that Freeze Well

Birthdays are always fun for our family, so when we called our grandson to wish him a happy birthday we were surprised at the course of the conversation. Our call went something like this: 

Me: How has your day been? 

RJ: Great! They even sang happy birthday to me in my English class. 

Me: Is your birthday bash in full swing yet? 

RJ: No, we are waiting for word from the firefighters before we can get started. 

Me: What? The fire department! 

RJ: Yes, the hill behind our house is on fire and we are ready to evacuate. 


Dealing with Uninvited Guests: A Preparedness Plan for Home Invasion


We have all seen movies and television shows portraying home burglaries that filled us with horror. The idea of someone coming into our home while a family member is home is terrifying. Fortunately most burglars are looking to steal your belongings, not harm you. They want to get in and out quickly and unnoticed. 


Keeping Your Family Safe During Summer Fun

Now is a time to consider the dangers we all face during the summer months guaranteeing our summer can be a time we reflect on with joy and not regrets. If you live in the southern hemisphere be sure to copy the tips the next two weeks and add them to your preparedness binders for reference in a few months.


More Important Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer

You may be wondering why we are discussing summer safety and fun in a column that is devoted to self-reliance. That’s why. We are not only concerned about emergency preparedness and response but also becoming self-reliant, capable of taking care of our family, under all circumstances. When planning for summer activities, prevention is the best plan for keeping family safe.


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