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Articles - Evacuation

Evacuation is a scary topic, but it can be easier if you are prepared ahead of time.

We highly recommend that every family purchase and print out our evacuation checklists available in our Totally Ready shop.

At a minimal cost it will provide you with lists for everything from prepping ahead of time to only minutes to spare.

Makes a great gift as well and everyone should have copies printed and inserted into their emergency binders.

Green  parrots

Birthdays are always fun for our family, so when we called our grandson to wish him a happy birthday we were surprised at the course of the conversation. Our call went something like this: 

Me: How has your day been? 

RJ: Great! They even sang happy birthday to me in my English class. 

Me: Is your birthday bash in full swing yet? 

RJ: No, we are waiting for word from the firefighters before we can get started. 

Me: What? The fire department! 

RJ: Yes, the hill behind our house is on fire and we are ready to evacuate. 


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