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Articles - Food Storage

Carolyn has written some articles which we refer to on our Facebook page fairly often and also during our year long challenges. You can read the articles here - as well as print them for your emergency binders.

Canned Food
Food Storage on a Budget

It’s time to jump in and begin or to increase your storage food efforts. How do you do that on a paycheck to paycheck budget? How do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do we secure food  storage? Read more...

Are You Sabotaging Your Food Storage

When a calamity involves the whole community—this year the whole world—no one is going to ride in and rescue us. Government, church leaders, prophets, and emergency response organizations have all told us to prepare. We have seen just how essential preparation is - Read more...

Canned Food
frozen vegetables
Foods That Freeze Well

Waste Not, Want Not… Freezing A few years ago, I was road tripping and as I traveled, I listened to a radio station where the host was discussing the amount of food Americans waste each year. Read more...

I Don't Want My House to Look Like a Warehouse

Now that you are purchasing food each week for your three month supply you will need room to store it all without turning your home into a warehouse. Spend a little time planning now and make
room for all that fabulous food.

Warehouse Shelves
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