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Man with Mask
Pandemic: Here We Go Again

There are valuable lessons learned from past pandemics. One thing we know is that they spread very rapidly. This will leave us little or no time to prepare once a pandemic outbreak has been confirmed. Because of this, there are decisions to be made right now. READ MORE...

In Case of a Community Health Emergency Be Ready to Self-Quarantine

Although much of this article refers to preparing for a pandemic or community health emergency the same preparations will provide safety and harmony in your home during a blizzard, extended power outage or civil unrest when you may need to hunker down in your own home for weeks or even months. Health agencies disagree - READ MORE...

At Home
Couple Working Together
Let's Plan Our Self-Quarantine
A self-quarantine for you and me has become more and more likely. You have stocked up your personal General Store with food, medical supplies, and hygiene products and it’s now time to prepare to survive two weeks “trapped” in close quarters with family. Quarantines work. During the 1918 pandemic - READ MORE...
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