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The Totally Ready eBook Binder is filled with forms and checklists making it simple to follow for both beginners and seasoned preppers. Chapters include:


Self-Reflection: Evaluate where you really are.   


Get Started: Tasks to accomplish that will help with any/all emergencies.     


General Store: All about a complete and safe inventory of food, non-food items, medications and water. 


Kits: Whether evacuating, on the road, or coping with a disaster you will be covered.   


Natural Disasters: Prepare ahead and tips for coping and thriving when a specific disaster occurs, dealing with insurance and government agencies and cleaning up afterwards.


Medical: What do you do for medical issues most likely to occur during a disaster.     


New Uses For Common Items: From coffee filters to mylar blankets and lipstick, do you know their many uses?   


Make It Yourself: Make items at home from things around the house to help with heating, cooking, laundry and more all when the grid is down.


This is all of the chapters for our binder system (in eBook format) - buying this saves over purchasing each chapter individually. 


Hundreds of hours have been spent researching and interviewing disaster survivors to bring you the best information and strategies. Please respect the copyright on these eBooks. If you would like to purchase the rights to print more copies please notify us for pricing.

Totally Ready eBook Binder - Tips & Tricks for Now & When Disaster Strikes

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