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2023 Preparedness Food Storage Challenge - Week 30: Vegetables

Week Thirty - Food: Vegetables

This week store 10 cans of vegetables per family member. Now that gardens are beginning to bare delicious fruits and veggies it is time to can and to freeze. If you are preserving vegetables count the jars as they are sealed and stored. We will be concentrating on these all summer so keep a running tally and the next time we ask you to store veggies you may not have to add any. If this is the case take the money you would have spent and stash it in a safe place for a week when we store items you are lacking or those that are more expensive.

Vegetables need to be pressure canned so now is a great time to find a friend with a pressure canner if you don’t already have one. Be sure to get a pressure canner not a pressure cooker. Most vegetables can also be successfully frozen. Some containing lots of water, such as zucchini, do not freeze well for use as a side dish but can be frozen to be used in breads, cakes, muffins, and ingredients in soups and casseroles. Don’t forget to check out farmers' markets for great deals this week.

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