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2024 Food Preparedness - Week 17: Soup

It's already Week Seventeen and your Food shelves should be filling up. How are you doing?

Over the last 5 days, my food and general storage have come in really handy with a house guest who came for the weekend and is still here. Our friend came and had a medical emergency and then had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Now I'm healthy and could go to the store, but I'm also working full-time and a full-time student - so pantry to the rescue! Aunt Carolyn taught me well - cleaners stocked up, chicken soup, ginger ale (oh yes, this was needed), even Gatorade, and medical supplies like bandages, latex-free gloves, medical tape, and more! It has been great to know that we have been able to care for our friend all week. ~Nicole

Now back to food...

Week 17: Food

This week store 4 cans of soup per family member. Plan before you buy. You may want to store a few cans of soup to eat and a few cans to use as ingredients in casseroles and sauces. You can survive on rice and beans but think how much better they will taste with a sauce made from soups and spices? Yes, we will be storing spices, but this week get the creamed soups you use for sauces and casseroles and the soups you love to have on hand for illness or to enjoy.

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